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or how to become the godfather of Meadow Animals

Hi friends! We have a great option for you and that is to become the godfather of any animal that is in the Meadow :-) This is a so-called virtual adoption, when you adopt an animal that you become the godfather of.

And what does it actually mean? The animal's godfather will be issued a certificate with his name on it, which he can then print out or give to someone as a gift :-) He will have the opportunity to visit at the pet at any time without paying the "entrance fee" to the Meadow, but what is the most important thing? It's a great feeling that thanks to him, there is a free animal running somewhere that will get everything it needs for its happy life.

And what needs to be done so you can become a godfather? Message us anywhere in the messages, FB, IG, e-mail, sms or you can even arrange it in person :-) Let us know what kind of animal you want for godparent care, and in order to ensure the care of your ward, you need to send at least 200 CZK per month to our transparent account, for two years :-)

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