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Project History





After leaving Farm Naděje, where I met Tomáš, we found ourselves in Louka at the end of August 2020. After my experiences on Farma Naděje, I refused to return to my old life in Brno. Both me and Tom knew, that we needed to start creating.


Thus was born an idea, from an idea to an idea, and from an idea to life. At the beginning of September 2020, Life in the Meadow was born. Our new life.


But Tomáš and I didn't have money, we didn't even have a place to live, we practically only had determination and our meadow. But that didn't deter us, we wanted it, and I didn't doubt for a second that it would work out, and that's what made our dream really come true.


Since many people were interested about our departure from the Farm, I decided to make a video about why we left and what is going on, about our ideas and goals. The video was genuine and sincere. I placed these videos on our Instagram @zivot_na_louce (today you can find them in Highlights under the title Rosteme) and according to the responses, they liked them and appealed to many people. That's how it all started.


People started calling, they started sending us money. People sent money to strangers they had never seen before, just on social media ... Is this a dream? Another reality? No, this happened - over CZK 40,000 came to my account in 3 days. I knew i was on the right track, we're all in this together, people want this place to come into being.


I would like to thank all those who supported us right at the beginning, even though we were only two people and a meadow. Thanks to you - your finances and support, this could have arisen. And believe me, it's just the beginning of something giant :-) Thank you very much.


In November 2020, we became the official registered association, Život na Louce, zs - at that time we already had over 20 rescued animals, and heads full of big dreams.

I will write more about our journey of how two people in a meadow became a big project in one of our blogs.


Project growth, and changes

the disintegration of the community, and the division into two projects

The meadow has always been and probably will be a place of transformation. That's why we all have to move on, to grow up again 😊 We shared our journey with you, and we thank you for being there with us.



Now a change awaits us all, actually the change, the transformation is already underway. However, it is nothing unexpected, our journey, Louka's original idea was exactly like that. We wanted to grow, we wanted to travel and help, we wanted to share and connect, all this just started earlier, and a little unexpectedly. With this aim, I, If, founded the project, and we intend to continue in this spirit.



It just takes time for everything to settle down a little, and all of us, the inhabitants of the first Meadow, can go our separate ways. We grew up together, but at some point we can't go any further, we have to grow in our own way.



The Life in the Meadow project gave home and safety to countless creatures, created a home for many people, provided a space for the transformation of all who came, gave people the opportunity to get to know animals and much more. I am proud that I was able to create all of this, with the help of a phone and a caravan in which we lived in at the beginning. It is unbelievable what has become of one empty meadow.



But now the Meadow no longer belongs to us, it belongs to the people who live on it, and it also belongs to the animals they care for. We are hereby dividing into two separate projects that will be able to help each other. After all, we all grew up on one meadow 😊



The animals that were in the Život na Louce shelter remain physically in the Meadow for the time being, it is not possible to relocate them yet, because there is nowhere to. We believe that the new project @nech_me_rust will take care of them in this place, and I, actually We, from the Život na Louce collective, are trying to find a new home for us and for them. A home that will be ours and we won't have to go anywhere.



But we just need time, time to find space for it, and to find a more precise direction in which we would like to go. Time to find a place where we can live together with the animals again, and where we can provide a home for others.



We apologize for the complications and confusion this transformation may have caused you. It's not easy for anyone, but it's life, and I think many of you have experienced something like this at least once. We thank everyone for their understanding of the situation that has arisen and we ask for your patience and forbearance, we are only human and we are all doing our best.

With you, the project as such or any new project can continue to function. We can continue to create together, just like before. Nothing is over, on the contrary, together we can go to the next phase of growth, and that is to create another place, another sanctuary, and that is wonderful.



So, Tomáš will be left with a meadow that will be developed as part of his project, and If will be left with the sanctuary project that will continue in another location.


You will gradually learn about the next steps and new goals of Život na Louce here on the website, and on social platforms.

Thank you all.

Život na Louce

Contact information


Association president: Iveta Ondriášová

tel. +420732720132

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