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Život na Louce Collective

We are a new collective of friends of the Život na Louce Association, we are not only members of the association, but also friends who want to help the project grow.

We would like to help the Život na Louce project to grow again, together with you. You already know that the first community of the Život na Louce Association has broken up, as it happens in partnerships, friendships or professional relations. Sometimes you reach a point where you can't go on together, we have grown together but you have to go on alone, and that is exactly what has happened. Now Louka has become two separate projects that can work independently.

Life in Louka has always been all about the animals, saving them and living together with them in one place. The collective of friends would like to preserve this idea. We don't just want to care for or look after animals, we want to live with them, and that makes a big difference.







Život na Louce

Contact information


Association president: Iveta Ondriášová

tel. +420732720132

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