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Poultry boys


Křivonožka a Strejda

The Turkeys are from a large farm, they came to us as very small, so they have to live in the shed with us to keep them warm and grow beautifully. These creatures do not have a fully developed thermoregulation within six months, and they only receive heat from the surroundings, so they do not heat up. Since the boys came in the winter, they had to go inside.


They are curious, they throw everything, bite, and even like clever birds they have learned to jump on the counters and on the table. Their favorite place is right in front of the heated stove, which they press against, and then lie with their beautifully outstretched wings.




One winter evening, 4 small broiler ducklings appeared in our posession. They were still so small that they even had yellow fluff instead of feathers, they beeped and looked for her mother. Unfortunately, they was without her mother, it doesn't matter, I accommodated these 4 babies in a caravan, where we spent about a month together. Well, living with waterfowl in a small space is really a test. As soon as the kids started arguing, I moved them out. They immediately went into the water, as if something was pulling them there, their natural instincts overcame fear. Ducklings with geese are perhaps the only inhabitants of Louka who really enjoy the mud, water and swamps of Louka.

Duck Erza

The half-year-old duck came to us through one of our followers Nikča. Her father bought several ducks for fattening and subsequent killing, and Erza was a gift. As a Christmas present from her parents, Nikča wanted to save at least Erza from death. She was looking for her home, and she found a home here in Louka. Erza is a cuddly duck, she prefers to lie on human shoulders.



DSC_0366 (1).jpg

One beautiful early Saturday morning, 15 hens appeared at Louka 🙂 
Hens who did not know daylight, fresh air, the feeling of walking in the grass. 
Our Meadow accepted them with love, and offered herself completely to them. Since the chicken coop was built and the girls liked it very much, they decided to stay as well, 
despite initial fear and mistrust. Today, the girls move freely around the Meadow and are one of the happiest hens in the world. 
About a month later we had the opportunity to save some hens with a cock from one small breeder with really terrible conditions. 
The hens already looked so bad in the photos .. We didn't hesitate and we drove for our friends for almost 3 hours, we took 5 hens and one cock.
The other hens remained in another asylum, so they were also in a safe place. 
Kohoutek was named Belzáč - Belzebub Pepa, after a restaurant in Prague that supports us and we wanted to thank them in this way. 
The 3 most neglected, bare and sad hens were named Cuba, Philomena and Xenia, two black elders and wise ladies were named Mrs. Black and Grandma. 
Now, together with the other hens, they are free and we hope they don't miss anything.
Our hens love Flíček's company, they also share a pen together so that Flíček can guard the hens from predators. 
In addition, they are cuddly, curious, they constantly tell us something and they want something.
We love our hens incredibly. And what do we do with their eggs? Well, we give them back to them 🙂


These little boys came to us from one hobby breeding, Adéla was supposed to be a girl, but a black boy turned out of the chick. But that was a problem for another rooster, who fought with Adéla and Pepin for one single hen in the breeding. The boys had to go, but together, because Pepin and Adéla are friends. When we saw the boys looking for a home, we were afraid that these lovers would end up on the baking tray too. Therefore, we gave them a home, and in order not to be alone, we bought them 4 hens from a large farm. So now the boys get on with each other easily, but they are still partners :)



Boženka is a silk hen who was adopted mainly for Pepin and Adéla. In the end, everything is different. You can read more about Boženka's story on the blog.

Patty & Selma

Our first geese. Our girls are from a kennel where people didn't manage to kill them. Selma, the broiler goose, was always different from the others and they wished for it.

But they couldn't look for her, so they looked for her home, and we knew that Selma could live the dignified life he deserved, like any living being. Of the pair of geese, Selma is more leading, exploratory and her hobby is rinsing in water or mud. Selma has a very penetrating look, it's as if she knows absolutely everything about you :)

Patty is a swan goose, she is very scared and keeps up with her white friend. She loves water, and she has also adopted our little broiler ducklings, which she protects with he body. She came with Selma at the same time, so that Selma would not be alone and the original owners would not have to kill her either.


Broiler chicks

Danica, Lubica, Madlenka, Kuba, Frančesko and the Mušketýr hen

All these beings are from large-scale breeding, but we have provided them with a loving and, most importantly, free home. Two roosters protruded from the little chicks, so our Belzepub rooster has competition and sometimes the boys chase.

I think they are the most bloodthirsty animals in the Meadow, they steal food from your hands, from plates, from the table. They go through everything just to be able to eat. No wonder a broiler is a man-bred animal - all that has to do with it. Hence, they're forgiven everything :)

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