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Roman is our biggest unit. At about 7 kilos he is the ultimate personification of a cat. His story began near Brno, when he allegedly often visited a hunter's cellar , where he ate his cats' food and battled the cats. For this reason, the hunter wanted to shoot him. Fortunately, he confided in our friend, who of course said that he would take the cat and find him a home. The hunter caught him and gave him to a friend. We originally wanted to find him a home, but in the end, as usual, Románek ended up with us. Originally his name was Garfield, then Zrzek but in the end it is simply our Roman Macik, a boy worthy of his name :)


Our first cats include Máša, Mazel and Lotýnka. 
A naughty bunch of siblings who came from inappropriate conditions.
We adopted them after about a month. At Louka, their health condition was not completely fine, so we treated and healed.
To this day, they sometimes have a cough or runny nose.
Masha is a big light cat with blue eyes, she is basically a slow-moving smurf 🙂

Duby z dubu (61).jpg


Mazel is a boy as black as night,
he is terribly cuddly and likes to sleep with us under the duvet.


Lotýnka is a black/brown cat, she is curious
, playful and every day she goes to my caravan and keeps me company. She acts as my advisory, she sits on my shoulder 
and keeps me company while feeding or working outside.




We adopted two more cats another month later. A friend called Tomáš, that at work, someone has thrown out 3 kittens.
The work was located on the expressway, where trucks drive, and the complex itself was full of cars.

One kitten was hit by a car on the road in a few days. We did not hesitate and went for the cats to Hradec Králové. 
When I found the cats lured to the bathroom, I didn't believe what I was seeing. The black smaller cat had an incredible discharge from her nose and eyes.
In addition, her eyes were full of dry discharge, she was hissing unbelievably, every breath must hurt terribly, and yet everything began to creep up on me.
That evening we took them to our vet, who received us after 8:00 pm.
He found out that the cat has severe pneumonia, it was 50/50, if it survives, it was really in a terrible condition. 
She received many drugs and vitamins.  
Well, it was a fight, she stopped drinking, eating, she couldn't even move ... the overall condition really didn't improve until the next evening. 
The fight against pneumonia lasted a long time.  

(continued in Sibiř)


This disease has damaged Tulinka;'s lungs, so she will never be 100% healthy and sometimes her symptoms will return. 
Tulinka otherwise enjoys life, receives vitamins and is well taken care of here. 
Her brother, Siberia, black and white, was one of the most timid cats I have ever known. 
It took him two months of patience to let himself be caressed.
Today, all our cats are together, they are a great bunch that sleeps together, plays, eats and just do classic cat stuff 🙂



One warm July day, a lady called me. She found a cat on her land near the meadow, but she doesn't live on the land, they are from Prague and they are only there for a while. They can't keep the cat, she called shelters and asylums in the area and no one can accept the cat. So it was clearly going to us. I went for the cat, what a surprise it was when she was black, so the third black girl in the party. Lavender fell into the herd of our cats immediately, after a few days in the caravan she found her way out the window and she was already walking with us everywhere, as if she had been here since she was little. Now it is a small pampered creature that prefers to be carried by Kačenka on her shoulder.


Kitten Hanička, another black/brown cat, was brought to us from Prague, she was born in a welding workshop among men, but one of them cared for her and took her home and was looking for her home. Hanička was probably the smallest kitten we adopted. She now lives in a caravan with me and two other kittens. She is a very cuddly and fearless kitten.



Kitten Safir was originally adopted as Safirka, but we were surprised to learn that he is a boy :) with his brother and now probably actually sister Patricia. Of the two kittens, Sapphire is the leader.

The kittens lived in a rock near Brno, with two other siblings and a mother. These two kittens are the hairiest little creatures we know :) When we caught them, they were two wild, sizzling and hissing beasts that didn't know humans.

It reminded me a lot of Sibiř. Within 3 weeks, the kittens became cuddly creatures. We still have to come at them slowly and calmly, they don't run from us and they even come here and there for a caress. We still have a lot of work to do to make them really spoiled cats, but the progress is great.

Patrície or Patrik

Patricia, originally Patrik, is a more timid kitten than his brother Safir. At the same time, however, he is the biggest eater, and after eating his bowl, he calmly throws himself at the brothers or Hanka.

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