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Siblings Magda, Alan Tuči and Vlčák

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We brought three kids at the end of April 2021. At that time, Magda and Vlčák were supposed to be a month and a half and Alan a week less.


Today we know that the lady probably lied to us about their age. From the first day, Magda and Vlčák refused milk, for a few days it was really stressful, because they should be on milk for at least a month and a half.

Magda, party leader from the beginning. Her own brother Vlčák repeated everything after her. Now like a big goat, he still takes the lead of goats and sheep.

Of the three goats, Magda is the most brash! But how, you can't imagine that. Her gaze is constantly on the food store, on the pergola or on the kitchen, and she is just waiting for one of us not to close the gate. Guys, I'm telling you, Magda has a radar and a teleport.


The only one who was interested in a milk bottle was little Alan. He still had physical problems, walked poorly and, if so, very stubborn. Alan spent several days with me - weeks in the caravan, in the heat, because we got up to him every night and fed him. We cured Alan beautifully, the little scared, helpless kid became a healthy and strong goat who is not even afraid to stand up to the his big brother.

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Our darling, our giant most cuddly goat. Well, before the castration, the boys had a problem with him, they say he pushes and attacks them, but it's always been a darling for me :P

Despite his not-so-obvious subtlety, he is also a warrior and party protector. 

Lucie & Dio

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