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Huhňík is a rabbit from a small farm, he was one of the prizes in a village competition. Our neighbor won him, he lived with him for a short time, but after a while we took the bunny down to Louka, where he was given everything he needs needs. He is adjacent to the rabbit Zaja and Jasmínka, he is not neutered yet, so he shares his dwelling with no-one so far. He dug a few burrows at his home, which he always shows us with pleasure, and he often lies right next to Jasmínka, who is waiting for him behind the wire mesh all the time:)



Our rabbit girl! One of the first inhabitants of Louka. Jasmínka is saved from small-scale breeding, when the "owner" of rabbits died.
There were 30 such little pups. They all survived thanks to one of our good friends Evička.
He lives with us  in a dwelling that we invented and built it ourselves, we also hope that it is as safe as possible. 
In the summer we added another outdoor space, so it has maximum freedom. 
Jasmine is very cuddly and they are very happy when one of the people visits her 🙂

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