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Project origins

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

After leaving Farma Naděje, where I met Tomáš, we found ourselves at Louka at the end of August 2020. I refused to return to Brno to my old life, after the experiences at Farma Naděje, and Tom knew that he had to finally start creating his own project.

Thus an idea was born, an idea spawned another idea, and an idea spawned a life. At the beginning of September 2020, Life in the Meadow was born. Our new life.

But Tomáš and I had no money, we didn't even have a place to live, practically we only had determination and Louka. But that didn't deter us, we wanted it, and I didn't doubt for a second that it would work out, and it was thanks to this that our dream could really start to come true.

Since many people were interested in our departure from the Farm, I decided to make a video about why we left and what is coming up, about our ideas and goals. The video was genuine and honest. I posted these videos on Život na Louce instagram (today you can find them in Highlights under the name Growing) and according to the feedback, they were liked and reached many people. That's how it all started.

People started calling, they started sending us money. People sent their money to strangers they had never even met, only on social networks... Is this a dream? A different reality? No, this happened - over 40,000 CZK came into my account within 3 days. I knew that this was it, we are on the right path, we are all in this together, people want this place to be created.

With this, I want to thank everyone who supported our journey from the very beginning, even though we were just two people in one meadow. Thanks to you - your finances and support, this was possible. And believe me it was just the beginning of something huge :-) Thank you very much.

In November 2020, we became an official registered nonprofit organisation, Život na Louce, z.s. - at that time we already had over 20 rescued animals, and heads full of bigger and bigger dreams.

I will write more about our journey, how two people on a meadow became a big project in one of our blogs.


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