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How did we meet Milan?

After about a month in the Meadow, someone came to us in the early evening, we recognized it by the barking dogs, Tom and I thought it was someone who was just passing through the Meadow. But the person in question stopped and looked at the dogs, and I said that he could go inside.

The person started to approach and I saw that he had a child with him and that he was our neighbor whom we only knew by sight. Milan stopped by us and said that he was our neighbor from the hill. I didn't understand his name at all, so I saved him in my phone as "my neighbor from the hill", and I still have it saved in my mobile phone to this day.

Milan told us that if we ever needed help with something that he would help us, then he started to list everything he has in the workshop, and that we can charge our mobile phones at his place, or that if we get stuck, he has a tractor so he can pull us out. We, as decent people, thanked him, and said that it would not be necessary and that maybe sometime in the future it would be. Milan left me a number and said that if there was anything we should call.

Then Tom and I said that we didn't need any help, that yes, we would do everything in peace without machines, the old-fashioned way, but that he was fine. In two days, they called Milan asking if he would pick us up, because we had fallen on the way from Louka, and we hurried to the office. Milan pulled us out many times over the course of a few weeks.

In the end, we put our egos aside and asked him if we could charge our phone powerbanks at his place. Then the laptop, then batteries for the drills, then his tractor, and I could go on.

I have to say that without his help in many forms, Louka would not be able to flourish like this. He has helped us so many times that we can't even write it down, just the fact that we can borrow his tractor, use his address for packages, use his workshop full of machines helps us so much that words cannot describe the gratitude we feel for this man, even though it's sometimes really hard and complicated with him, because we live completely different lives :-)

With this, I would like to thank the entire Benda family, not just Milan, for accepting us meadow people into their lives, even though I know that sometimes they don't understand what we actually do, or it's complicated with us.

And our most frequent saying at Louka says it all: "Dude, we have Milan for that."

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