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Princess Piglet

When Tomáš and I founded Louka in September 2020 and actually started living there, we often drove past our only and closest neighbor, Milan. I noticed that there is a fence on the side of his property. Every time we drove by we looked there, and once we saw her. A black, quite large pig, very similar to a wild boar.

At that time, Flíček and I were still separated and I was very sad for him and when I saw this little pig I really wanted to take care of him. Tomáš told me that Milan has it for meat, because last year he saw Milan building a smokehouse. I didn't understand this at all... But we didn't know Milan yet, and there was nothing in Louka except a caravan and a teepee.

But that didn't stop me from going after the piggy. I brought him goodies and petted him. The piglet was very nice, he was not afraid of the hand, he accepted the food. She seemed a little socialized.


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