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Tale of Tony, and his appearance on Louka

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Hi friends,

my name is Tony and I come from our beautiful hundred-spired capital city of Prague. I'm 33 and I've been living a little (or rather a lot) in an alternative way for quite a few years now. I am interested in spiritual progress and I live in Teděk=PresentMoment. Among my hobbies, I'll mention poker, which has been my great love for over 16 years, and ₿itcoin, or rather the whole crypto circus. I don't like pasta, cilantro and I still don't dig tea :-D

One fine day I discovered a post on Instagram in which Život na Louce was looking for urgent help. The stream spilled and the whole Meadow was under water.

Well, I didn't hesitate and offered immediate help, and the next day I sat on the train to Kolín and then to Golčák, where Kačenka and Feluška were waiting for me. Already in the car, she mentioned that I would stay at Louka anyway. My original plan was to help here for a week, participate in the weekend voluntary job and return to the magical place under Kunětická hora in Pardubice. The meadow captivated me from the first moments. The happy Animals, the wonderful People, the Nature. If Lučníci agreed, I was certain, I would stay. This is the place that needs me now and I need it.

The first week I was here only with Ifka. Hats off. On a meadow in the middle of the forest with an unknown weirdo :D

After the voluntary job, I was offered to stay here. I didn't hesitate. It was July 2021.

A lot has changed here since then. Tom has returned, new animal residents have arrived, the Meadow is slowly expanding not only in area. After a few weeks I declared: "The meadow is heaven for some and hell for others."

With the arrival of winter, everything became quite difficult. The Meadow became a swamp for us, the Sun went down behind the dark clouds, our health and mood began to wane. The lack of privacy, constant cold, wind, ice, snow... doesn't help us much, and it's in these most difficult times that you only appreciate a loving sacrifice or a few warm words that will help you get back to presence.

It will be 8 months since I've been at Louka. During that time, I have had a lot of experiences, I have met wonderful Beings and, last but not least, I have learned a lot of useful things. Only God knows what will happen next. But I know it will be the best that can come. We have more than enough plans.

For me, the meadow is a place where I can realize myself, learn, create. And most importantly, to help someone.

I'm definitely not flawless. I hereby apologize to All Beings from the bottom of my heart.

So that's a little bit about me ;)

Thank you very much to the entire Luční crew - Ifka, Dan, Tom, Kačí and Kubík for their help and patience.


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