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Our first piglet Flíček. Piglet Flíček has a wild past, at least that's what I heard, 
I do not guarantee the veracity of long-ago information. Flíček is a piglet that the young lady bought at home for cuddling. 
She taught him to sleep in bed, some commands, and I believe she really liked him. 
But the young lady found a friend, and allegedly Flíček began to attack him. So they decided to give it away. 
The little pig has found home at Farma Naděje, at first everything seemed fine, 
even its original owner came to see him. 
But it was much worse for Flíček, because he thought she had come for him. 
But then Fíček started attacking people. 
Despite all the love he was given, the pig closed himself. When I came to the Farm, 
we immediately caught his eye. To this day, he has never startled after me like most. 
Flíček doesn't like men, he doesn't like rough touches and touches from behind and from above. 
It is necessary to find a way to him, to observe his body language, he always shows that he does not like something and it is necessary to respect it, 
you only have a few seconds to recognize it 🙂 No one knows exactly what happened in Flíček's life, but we are not interested in the past. 
Flíček is making progress, and even though I know that he will never be a quiet wandering pig for sleeping with, I still love him and I took him with me to Louka. 
Here he is free, happy, we talk to each other every day, he laughs at me every morning, he likes to go to the forest with me and digs up the whole Meadow with his nose.
Even though he is like that, he deserves to live a free and happy life. Flíček is special, but even so, he never forgets to hide a few smiles in his pocket.

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